Sue Cragg Consulting provides a wide range of services to support exchange of:

  • the right information
  • to the right people
  • through the right channels
  • in the right format
  • at the right time
  • in the most effective ways

We are committed to contributing to the advancing knowledge mobilization through:

  • promoting and sharing evidence-based research
  • facilitating changes in professional practice
  • integrating the needs and wisdom of knowledge users into the creation and dissemination of information


Some of the practical things we assist clients with include:

Sue Cragg, MBA has 30 years experience in transforming scientific research and knowledge from peer-reviewed articles, survey findings and research results from the technical realm to language and formats that are accessible to a wide audience. Peruse some examples of her published work here.

She has the ability to speak the language of both researchers and front line workers and to effectively carry messages from one group to the other. Read more.



Let us help you with Knowledge Translation and Knowledge Brokering for your organization.

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